Accalia Menstrual Cup - Caring Clothing
Accalia Menstrual Cup - Caring Clothing
Accalia Menstrual Cup - Caring Clothing
Accalia Menstrual Cup - Caring Clothing
Accalia Menstrual Cup - Caring Clothing
Accalia Menstrual Cup - Caring Clothing


Accalia Menstrual Cup

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Conni Accalia Menstrual Cup is a complete game-changer when it comes to your period. It seemingly makes menstruation disappear, making it perfect to use when swimming, running, cycling and just everyday life.

Reusable with one cup lasting up to 10 years and saves well over 2000 tampons or pads from the landfill!

Pop it in when your monthly period comes, wash it out morning and night for the duration then sterilize ready for visit month.

It really is a life changer!  Further reading in the Care Instructions below.







Medical-Grade Silicone


A great little instructional leaflet is included with your Accalia cup.
 Your Accalia Cup is designed to be worn internally and capture blood, not absorb it. It can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time, however, your Accalia cup may need to be emptied more frequently depending on your menstrual flow.
 Accalia Cup’s are made of medical-grade silicone. It is important to maintain good hygiene and sterilize your Accalia Cup after each cycle.
To insert your Accalia Cup
1. Ensure your Accalia Cup is sterilized and thoroughly wash your hands.
2. Fold your Accalia Cup by flattening it then folding it in half.
3. Relax and insert the Accalia Cup into your Vagina.
4. Your cervix should be above the menstrual cup opening.
5. Twist the cup slightly to ensure it pops open.
6. Run your finger around the edge and give the base a slight tug to ensure it is sealed in place.
Removing your Accalia Cup
1. Thoroughly wash your hands.
2. Pull the stem gently until you can reach the base of the cup.
3. Pinch down on the base of your Accalia Cup to release the seal and pull down to remove the cup.
4. Once removed, empty the contents into the toilet or sink and rinse the cup in cold water.


The Adaptive Clothing range can assist a wide variety of people. (Click here to learn more)

• NDIS Funded
• Washable
• Can be worn when swimming, running, cycling and just everday life.
• Last for 10 years
• Saves 2000 tampons or pads from landfill


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