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Sensory and Autism Compression Shorts for Men
Sensory and Autism Compression Shorts for Men
Sensory and Autism Compression Shorts for Men

Sensory and Autism Compression Shorts for Men

$59.95 AUD

  • CalmCare calming sensory compression shorts are the perfect undergarment for children/ teens to wear under jeans, track suit pants and school pants, they provide proprioceptive feedback from their hips all the way down to their ankles – a great therapy product and your kids will love the sensation! For sizing most children will wear the same size as they would in jeans. The shorts assist those that wriggle and provide sensory input to calm their sensory system. Compression shorts help create body awareness plus provide proprioceptive feedback (information received from muscles and tendons, concerning body movement and position), to assist children to stay calm, focus and learn. They have been designed for comfort with no internal stitching (for a seamless feel), no centre seam and no tags. Manufactured from a high quality, breathable, moisture-wicking, special sensory fabric which is durable and keeps the wearer cool, dry and comfortable all year round.

    Caring Clothing Registered NDIS Provider



    Compression clothing can assist people with:

    • Autism 
    • Aspergers
    • Sensory Processing Disorder
    • Dyspraxia
    • Apraxia 
    • Down Syndrome,
    • Cerebral Palsy 
    • ADHD
    • Anxiety

    Other features and benefits include:

    • NDIS Funded
    • provides a gentle ‘hug’ around the chest, shoulders and torso.
    • produces a calming effect when worn all day
    • provides sensory input and calms the sensory system
    • Aids in filtering sensory information to listen and learn
    • minimizes meltdowns and aids in social situations
    • helps children regulate their body to stay calm and focused
    • made using high quality, breathable Calmtex sensory fabric
    • reassuring, gently compression provides proprioceptive feedback
    • can be comfortable worn all year round, in all climates
    • wear discreetly under favourite clothing and/ or school uniform
    • special external stitching, for a seamless feel and maximum comfort
    • no tags and stamped labelling for children with tactile sensitivity


      Please check your sizing before ordering:

      Adult Compression shorts Sizing Chart


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