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Bed Pad - Tuck in - Single or King Single

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Incontinence bed pad with tuck-ins keep you dry, comfortable and eliminates bed changes. It’s a waterproof absorbent bed pad designed to ‘trap’ or absorb fluid; ensuring a comfortable; dry night's sleep.

The Bed Pad with Tuck-ins is suitable for Adult incontinence, excessive perspiration or child bedwetting and toilet training.

The Bed Pad is also known as a bedwetting mat, holds over 2500mls (85 fl oz) of fluid over 8hrs. The bed pad is suitable for single or king single beds and measures 1m x 1m (39.4" x 39.4") plus tuck-ins.

It has durable polyester tuck-ins each side to tuck under the mattress for extra security.

Caring Clothing Registered NDIS Provider

  • NDIS Funded
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe
  • Soft stay-dry top layer
  • Highly absorbent slim core
  • Breathable PUL waterproof backing
  • Extremely light weight.

Simply place the bedwetting pad on top of the bottom sheet; coloured side up; and tuck the side panels under the mattress. Lay directly on the bed pad. The user will feel most comfortable when wearing underpants or light clothing (from the waist down) as heavy clothing may feel wet.

To maintain maximum absorbency avoid using creams, lotions, oils or talcum on the skin before bedtime or directly on the Conni product.

Simply warm machine wash (NOT HOT) with a good quality laundry detergent: never use fabric softeners as it puts a coating on the special fibres and interferes with the pad's absorbency.

An oxygen bleach like NapiSan is recommended if there are any difficult stains or odours (do not use harsh bleach).

The Bed Pad dries quickly on the clothesline or in the tumble dryer on LOW heat. Too much heat can damage the polyurethane backing. A second bed pad maybe purchased while one is laundered.

The bed pad can be used with our waterproof bedding protectors: waterproof mattress protector; waterproof sheet protector and pillow protector.

Conni incontinence products have passed the rigorous scientific testing by Oeko-Tex to ensure the absence of harmful substances (which are often found in disposable incontinence products). Your Conni product is Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin.

The bed pad is suitable for single or king single beds and measures 1m x 1m (39.4" x 39.4") plus tuck-ins.

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