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Adaptive Clothing: What it means and why it means the world for Children With Special Needs

Adaptive clothing is the perfect solution for those who wish to maintain a sense of independence and style, despite physical restrictions. Those with limited motor control, wheelchair users, people with autism, and people with a variety of sensitivities are able to dress or be dressed without the difficulties associated with buttons, zippers and snaps. 

Alongside these practical designs, the best adaptive clothing uses calming, nonabrasive fabrics to ensure those with sensory-related disorders are free of discomfort or irritation. Adaptive clothing is always designed with an emphasis on ease-of-dressing and comfort, whilst Caring Clothing secures the relationship between practicality with current fashion.  

Clothing and fashion are particularly pertinent for the younger generation, who are keen to ‘fit in’ with their peers, and derive self-esteem from their ability to perform daily tasks without difficulty. Adaptive kids clothing is also beneficial for parents and carers who are able to dress children with less hassle. 


  • Easier to dress when lying or seated in a wheelchair
  • Faster 
  • Less need to reposition or lift the body
  • Less injury-risk for carer and wearer 
  • Onesies reduce risk of disrobing
  • Velcro replacing fussy buttons, zips, etc
  • Side and back-opening trousers for incontinence aids
  • Easy to clean (i.e. machine washable fabrics)


Caring Clothing understands how crucial dressing is to self-esteem and self-expression. Adaptive clothing is designed with this in mind, ensuring the practical details are discreet, and the style is perennial. Offering a selection of adaptive clothing for kids means your child can choose from a selection of designs, echoing their personal taste, whilst affording them the security, independence, and dignity that is as important in the playground as it is at home.


  • Back or side opening trousers
  • Hooks and clasps
  • Hook and loop fasteners in lieu of buttons and shoelaces
  • Special fabrics to address sensory issues.
  • Front-closing bras
  • Seamless socks
  • Tagless shirts
  • Compression vests and leggings
  • Weighted tops


In 2020, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder; with anxiety disorders affecting 11%- 40% of the group. With such high figures, it is important to ensure your child is equipped with adaptable clothing to promote their confidence and ease their stress.


These leggings provide the ultimate in comfort and security, as the perfect undergarment to fit snugly beneath any form of trouser. Providing proprioceptive feedback hip to ankles, compression leggings create a soothing sensation to help alleviate anxiety and promote stronger focus. The seamless craftsmanship means no stitching or tags to cause irritation, whilst the breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric is durable and cooling all year round.

Sensory Compression Leggings




Childhood and adolescence are important chapters in life, where gaining a sense of style is as important as a feeling of developing independence. Caring Clothing understands the necessity of navigating this terrain, and has a range of sleek singlets and tops which place security and style on equal footing. 

The clean and sleek design of adaptable singlets and tops makes them the perfect, fashionable choice for everyday wear, offering reassuring proprioceptive feedback, whilst benefiting from a timeless look.

These adaptive vests can also be worn under clothing to help with regulation and filtering of sensory information, promoting greater focus and ease through the entire day, whilst the gentle pressure and absence of stitching means children can wear their garment to bed, assisting in settling nerves and helping to sleep throughout the night.

Sensory Compression Clothing



Start the day on the right foot by ensuring your child has comfort from head to toe. Calming Sensory Ankle socks are of great benefit to children and teens with hypersensitivity, particularly when it comes to seams and stitching.  With bamboo and polyester/elastane, these socks act as a cocoon around the feet, without the complication of heel seams.



With winter behind us and summer approaching, adaptive clothing has branched out to provide the best swimwear for your child, affording them peace of mind as well as fun in the sun. These swim shorts are washable and reusable, specially-designed to contain bladder and bowel accidents with their flexible, in-built brief. Adjustable drawstrings around the waist and legs offer added security. Whether your child is toilet-training or bladder/bowel incontinent, this adaptive swimwear brief means everyone can experience the sun and surf with the utmost confidence. 

Containment Swimwear


Caring Clothing is an Australian-owned company specialising in adaptive clothing for all ages, in all environments. With a variety of hand-picked brands, we make a difference to the community by ensuring all designs are both functional and dignified, which means you and your loved ones can feel confident and independent in the comfort of your home, as well as the big, wide world. If you would like to explore our range of clothes, undergarments and accessories, jump onto our website and take the first step to discovering the independence that adaptive clothing can offer.