Design, Functionality & Quality

Caring Clothing Design, functionality & Quality

The design, functionality & quality drives Caring Clothing to be at the forefront of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities of all ages and people with loss or limited movement. We offer practical and functional dressing solutions to maintain independence and style. Caring Clothing continuously strives to improve and expand their range by researching and implementing the best possible adaptions for our clients. Ongoing feedback from our clients; including individuals, carers and health professionals are invaluable and assist in the improvement and development of new items. Specifically designed to appear as standard clothing, our adaptive clothing ranges makes dressing easier for the both the individual and carers via subtle features, including:

  • Wide neck openings

  • Open back (overlapping layers of fabric)

  • Side opening trousers

  • All-in-one dignity suits & onesies

  • VELCRO® and clips replacing buttons and zips.

We pride ourselves in offering quality fabrics that are durable, yet soft on the skin to reduce pressure areas. Our reputable designers and manufacturers work closely together to ensure the quality of our adaptive clothing range is of a high standard including:

  • Meets the measurements of the designs

  • Overall look of the garment

  • Quality of the fabric, feel and fall of the garment

  • Colour fastness of the garment

  • Finishing properties e.g. no loose threads

  • Packaging of the garment

Caring Clothing’s range offers many advantages to people, whether they are capable of dressing independently, or require assistance by a carer.