What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is designed to make life easier for seniors and the aged as well as people with disabilities who may experience difficultly when dressing. This may be due to an inability to manipulate buttons and zippers or for those with arthritis, limited shoulder and arm movement. Adaptive clothing typically offers solutions such as open back and velcro© (hook & loop) designs that allow our clients to maintain their independence and style.

Caring Clothing deliver everywhere in Australia and overseas. Our range of assistive (or modified) clothing is ideal for elderly ladies and men living independently, being cared for at home or in residential care, nursing homes or are in wheelchairs. We stock a wide range of products including slippers, shoes, non-slip socks (for all uses including yoga & pilates), meal protectors (also know as adult bibs), hospital products (including in-continence underwear), nightwear, dignity suits for dementia patients (also known as all-in-one outfits), open back trousers (for lifting machines), adaptive trousers, open back singlets, continence aids (re-usable underwear for incontinence), tops, cardigans, dresses & polo shirts and poncho's.

Specifically designed to appear as standard clothing, our adaptive clothing ranges makes dressing easier for the both the individual and carers via subtle features, including:

  • Wide neck openings

  • Open back (overlapping layers of fabric)

  • Side opening trousers

  • All-in-one dignity suits & onesies

  • VELCRO® and clips replacing buttons and zips.

Benefits of Adaptive Clothing:

  • Dressing is now possible when lying down or sitting in a wheelchair

  • Adaptions allow for quicker dressing, less rolling, lifting & repositioning, reducing any risk of injury to both carer and wearer

  • Reduces awkward join movement

  • Dressing and undressing is made easier whilst operating a lifting machine

  • All-in-one dignity suits (onesies) reduce the risk of disrobing

  • The side opening & open back trousers allow for ease of dressing incontinence aids

  • Clothing withstands high temperatures and harsh washing machines

  • Our range is ideal for people with dexterity, loss or limited movement and incontinence issues


Who our Adaptive Clothing and Support Products Assist:

At Caring Clothing we've spent years developing our range of care and support products that are helpful for a range of medical conditions and disabilities.  Please read on here.