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Avoid Trips In The Home With These Key Products

Accidents involving slips and falls are among the most hazardous and costly causes of injury in the world. For most homes with a senior citizen or person living with a disability present, slip-resistant flooring is a health and safety must-have.


Non-Slip Floor Mat 

Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat  Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat


A non-slip mat is a type of rubber mat that is used to keep people from slipping, tripping, or falling in the area where it is placed. The usage of non-slip mats should only be used in instances where other ways of removing the hazard are ineffective. 

These types of mats are typically used in regions where the older person spends most of their time walking.

Home accidents are most commonly caused by slips, trips, and falls. The source of the slip should be determined after a thorough assessment, and if the flooring surface cannot be modified to reduce or eliminate the danger, non-slip matting should be installed. Entranceways, stairways, and floors are all potentially dangerous areas.

When wet, some surfaces, such as tile and laminate, become highly slick. Slips and falls on damp flooring are a common cause of injury in the home. In areas where there is a danger of wet conditions, having anti-slip mats can significantly reduce the risk of injury to your family members. Anti-slip mats provide traction while also preventing dampness, making them a cost-effective alternative for home safety.

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Non-Slip Socks 

Gripperz Adult Non-Slip Active Ankle Socks  Gripperz Adult Non-Slip Active Ankle Socks


Non-slip socks are those that have a grip added to their bottom half and are suitable for people of all ages. The grip is usually constructed of a rubber material that is either slightly sticky to the touch or a little abrasive to ensure that persons wearing them do not slip while wearing them.

Slipper socks and a regular lighter sock that can be worn with shoes are two types of non-slip socks. A non-slip sock's non-skid tread improves traction. When walking slippery walkways, this style of sock decreases the risk of harm.

These socks are constructed of a blend of nylon and spandex that is thick, robust, and stretchy.

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