Adaptive Clothing

Clothing Choices For The Elderly That Make Daily Life Easier

Because of age, disability, or overall lack of mobility, adaptive clothing is made for individuals who have difficulty getting dressed.

Adaptive clothing, such as open-back shirts, extra wide slippers and shoes, simple snap slacks, and wrap-around skirts and dresses for ladies, is appreciated by many seniors. 

Adaptive clothing can make a significant and recognized improvement in life quality for persons living with health issues such as Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy, reduced mobility, and more by merely by making dressing less onerous.

How Adaptive Clothing Works

Because the wearer needs less mobility to alter, remove, and put on adaptive clothing, it makes the simple task of getting dressed less stressful. Instead of stretching arms, legs, or other parts of the body to adjust them, the goal of adapted clothing is to keep the effort to put on and take off, the least amount of physical effort.

Caregivers can assist a patient to get dressed and undressed with limited mobility easier with adaptive clothing.

How Adaptive Shirts Work: 

Adaptive Clothing men's shirt open back
Adaptive Clothing men's shirt with open back

Open-Back Shirts

Snaps at the shoulders are used to dress open-back garments. This shirt still provides full coverage, but it's easier to put on and take off than a regular shirt. 

This style is especially popular among caregivers since it makes changing easier because the person being assisted does not have to raise their arms. Long sleeves, short sleeves, polo shirts, blouses, and cardigans are all examples of open-back adaptive clothing. 

Velcro Fastenings

Shirts with velcro fasteners at the sides are another form of an adaptive shirt that make dressing easier, with or without a caregiver. 

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How Adaptive Pants Work: 

Adaptive Clothing pants with velcro fasteners
Adaptive clothing pants with open back

Open-Back Pants 

For men and women who are bedridden or in a wheelchair, adaptive open-seat pants are a must-have. For the elderly, the most comfortable and dignified bottoms are those with broad opening flaps, adjustable closures, and a high rise back that are pleasant and respectable.

Because there is an opening on the rear side of the pants, wheelchair trousers are also handy for seniors with incontinence concerns. There's a pair of open-back trousers for everyone in sizes up to 3XL.

Zip-Up Pants 

There are many variations of Adaptive Pants, another one of these is the zip-up adaptive pants. Pants like these are made easier by being easy to wear and remove, by zipping either up or down the zipper on the side of the pants that run from the waist down to the full length of the pants. 

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