Compression Clothing & School

Compression Clothing & School

When you have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you quickly learn that they respond to different types of sensory input in unique ways. Some kids seem to crave physical stimulation, while others find it overwhelming. One thing all kids with ASD seem to appreciate, however, is compression clothing.

Compression gear can provide a sense of calm and security for children on the autism spectrum, making them feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own skin.

Compression clothing is specially designed to provide gentle, reassuring pressure on the body. For children with autism, compression clothing can provide a much-needed sense of security and safety in unfamiliar environments such as kindergarten or school. Compression clothing can help to calm and focus children with autism, making it easier for them to participate in class and interact with their classmates. Compression clothing is also useful for children who are sensitive to certain textures or fabrics. By wearing compression clothing under their uniform, children with autism can stay comfortable and focused all day long.

Many children with autism thrive on routine and structure, but starting school can be a big adjustment. Compression clothing can help ease the transition by providing a familiar and safe feeling while still allowing children to participate in school activities. Compression clothing can be worn underneath a child's uniform, providing a sense of security while still allowing them to blend in with their classmates. For many children with autism, compression clothing is an essential tool for helping them feel safe and comfortable in new environments.

Imagine having to go to school every day not knowing if you will be able to focus on the lessons or if you will be overwhelmed by the noise and commotion of your classmates. This is the reality for many children with autism. While all children face challenges when starting school, children with autism often have a more difficult time adjusting to this new environment. They may be sensory-sensitive, or they may have difficulty communicating and interacting with other children. As a result, they may spend much of their time in school feeling confused, frustrated, and alone. With the right level of support, children with autism can overcome the challenges of school and go on to lead happy and successful lives.

Caring Clothing stocks a range of compression clothes for children of all ages to help provide that feeling of pressure on the body during school hours. At Caring Clothing, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own clothes. That's why we offer a range of compression clothing, designed to give the support needed. 

Whether you're looking for a compression shirt or singlet to wear under a uniform, we have a style to suit your needs. Compression socks are also perfect for those who suffer from sensory processing disorders or hypersensitivity and need to have seamless, gentle fabrics on their skin. 

Finally, after a long day at school when a good night's sleep is so important, our sensory compression bed sheets are made from a soft and supportive fabric that will leave your child feeling refreshed and rested in the morning. So whatever your needs, find it here in our shop.