Dignity Clothing for your loved one: how Maintaining Independence can be the best gift you can give! - Caring Clothing

Dignity Clothing for your loved one: how Maintaining Independence can be the best gift you can give!

Independence, freedom and self-expression are qualities valued by society, regardless of age or ability. Whether it’s tying your shoelaces or making your bed, the confidence derived from being able to complete daily tasks and venture out into the world cannot be overestimated. For seniors and children, the ability to perform rudimentary activities has a great impact on mental health, and for this reason it is crucial to provide those you care about with the tools to maintain or develop these rituals, to the best of their abilities. 

The act of selecting our clothes and dressing is a fundamental regime we take for granted. We perform these acts without question, however dressing when one has limited mobility or a cognitive impairment can be a difficult and time-consuming task. 

Standard clothing is often designed with buckles, buttons and awkward adjustments which can overwhelm and depress those trying to maintain autonomy in their day, causing trauma for both wearer and carer. Furthermore, clothing proposing to be user-friendly is often garish, drawing attention to the adjustments and negating any sense of individuality or style.

Caring Clothing specialise in Dignity Clothing that is designed with an emphasis on being simple and chic, as well as practical, meaning your loved one is able to maintain a sense of style, as well as autonomy. The research and design process of our Dignity Clothing means both wearer and carer can dress with minimum fuss, and feel secure and confident throughout the day.

Offering a selection is extremely important in the pursuit of self-expression and welfare, particularly for those who may require carers to assist with dressing. Multiple style and colour options affords the wearer an opportunity to experiment with colour, cuts, and  express preferences that echo their individuality. With this in mind, Caring Clothing have focused on curating collections of Adaptive and Dignity Clothing in a variety of patterns, that offer distinctions in sleeve length, leg length and fit, whilst developing their broader collection to cater from head to toe. Seniors being able to select from an array of Dignity Clothing, or children holding preferences in undergarments, are just as important as being able to physically dress oneself. For this reason, Caring Clothing caters to every need, and every taste, in turn abating the feelings of depression and helplessness that can arise from feeling dependent.  


Dignity Clothing

Caring Clothing All-In-One Dignity Suits provide ease of dressing for caregivers, with a back zip to prevent your loved ones undressing throughout the day. The Adaptive Day Dignity Suit comes in a range of styles, with varying sleeve lengths and patterns, meaning your loved ones can preserve a sense of independence each day, whilst you remain confident in their comfort.

Mens Adaptive All in one Dignity Suits


Womens All-In-One Dignity Suits


The smallest tasks such as putting on socks, can have a large impact. Our collection of non-slip ankle and sensory socks means the wearer can feel secure, whilst having the option of a variety of colours to express their personality. Seam-free socks make dressing more manageable, whilst Circulation Socks can provide all-day reassurance for those with sensory issues.



Non Slip Socks

Shoes and Slippers

Adaptive and Dignity Clothing is all about setting your loved ones up for success and self-worth, providing them with the tools to accomplish tasks that may seem irrelevant to you, but mean the world to those who are trying to find their place in the world. 

Struggling with shoelaces is common, therefore Caring Clothing offers a variety of footwear with velcro fasteners as a subtle and secure substitute.

Men's Footwear

Women's Footwear

Leggings, Tops, and Vests

Men, women and children can feel at ease with Caring Clothing’s range of tops and bottoms which can be worn as sleek and chic clothing, or as comforting compression undergarments. Stylish and without the fuss of buttons and zips, our range of Dignity Clothing extends to individual pieces, as well as onesies.

Leggings, Tops, and Vests



A variety of underwear with in-built incontinence aids can improve the feeling of security and confidence for your nearest and dearest, and are available in a variety of colours and styles to appease individuals tastes.