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Jumpsuits, Onesies and Dignity Suits – Versatile and Comfortable Caring Clothing

Any number of reasons may have led you here… Maybe you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, or perhaps you are a carer assisting the needs of one or many individuals. You may have heard of Dignity Suits before but haven’t had the need to learn more.

We will walk you through the basics of these versatile all-in-one suits, so you can be confident that your loved one will be comfortable and you as the care giver can relax a little.

Caring Clothing Dignity Suits have been designed for individuals who have a habit of disrobing, removing hip protectors or incontinence aids. A big misconception surround Dignity Suits is that the individual is contained or restricted within the one-piece suit. Let’s be clear, these are non-restrictive garments! They present as a well put together outfit for any time of day or comfy set of pyjamas for the evening. With a carefully located zipper at the back of the garment allowing for family and carers to easily dress and undress individuals, without the risk they will disrobe on their own.

Suitable for those with Alzheimer’s, people who remove assistive aids and anyone who scratches or picks at the skin, our dignity suits come in a range of colours/styles to suit all individuals. We understand that a lack of mobility or decrease in cognitive capacity should not impede one’s sense of comfort and style. That’s why our designs are created with soft feeling, yet durable fabrics, ensuring that they withstand the rigours of high intensity washing and drying. All the while feeling soft to the touch, not tearing fragile skin and preserving the dignity of your loved one or resident.

Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from our night dignity suits, available for men in ‘David’ navy blue and women in ’Dani’ light pink or apricot floral. Presenting as soft comfortable pyjamas, especially beneficial for those who wander or disrobe in the evening time.

We understand that colours and comfort are key criteria when dressing. Many people have a strong sense of what styles and colours suit their personality and we have a variety of options ensuring individuals can choose what makes them feel good. This freedom of choice preserves dignity in a completely different way, enabling autonomy -instead of pre-organising clothing for them, further limiting their individuality.

For those who require dignity clothing during the day Caring Clothing have a variety colours available, click below to see our range

Womens Jumpsuits, Onesies and Dignity Suits 

Mens Jumpsuits, Onesies and Dignity Suits 

Kids Onesies

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