adaptive clothing for winter

Getting the most out of adaptive clothing this winter


Winter has officially arrived which means it’s time to pull out the warm clothing.  For most of the elderly or people living with a disability, this can be quite challenging.  Individuals will face many issues when it comes to finding suitable clothing to keep them warm, and when this happens it can take a toll on their emotional and mental state.


Having the independence to easily dress or have someone dress you without it being arduous, is a right that everyone is entitled to.  Even though the cooler months are upon us, it doesn’t mean that you should compensate when it comes to feeling good in what you are wearing.

To explain how adaptive clothing can be beneficial for either yourself, an elderly person or someone you know with a disability, it’s first important to firstly identify what adaptive clothing is.


What is adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing is clothing suitable for the elderly or people with a disability – generally speaking, it’s for anyone that has difficulties with dressing themselves (or being dressed).  For this reason, it’s made with extra care to ensure that the wearer is able to comfortably dress or have someone assist them.


At Caring Clothing, we have made it our duty to ensure that our adaptive clothing options provide the wearer with garments that don’t seem ‘different’.  In fact, the disparity between our adaptive clothing and regular clothing is quite often difficult to tell apart simply by looking at the garments.


How is Caring Clothing making winter easier?

At Caring Clothing, we have specifically designed various options of cold weather clothing which are all suitable for:


  • The elderly
  • Children
  • Adults
  • People with disabilities

Our clothing options for winter incorporate the same level of care, effectiveness and design as our summer range.  Whether you’re looking for a jumper, cardigan, tracksuit pants, trousers or socks, finding the right option is never a difficult task.


What separates Caring Clothing from other clothing brands?

At Caring Clothing, our adaptive clothing options are made with extra love and care when compared to regular clothing.  We ensure that the wearer’s level of comfort is always our objective when designing our garments.  As a bonus, we also like to ensure that our clothing is in a similar style to trending fashion designs. 


With our tracksuit pants and trousers, we have specifically designed them to have a side opening which is very discreet.  Regardless if the wearer is in a wheelchair or not, dressing will be as hassle-free as possible.  Our pants which are popular with our customers are belt free with elasticised waist.


To view our options available for tracksuit pants and trousers, you may use the following link –

Women: Adaptive Clothing Range

Men: Adaptive Clothing Range


Finding a jumper which is easy to put on for someone with a shoulder injury or arthritis can often be onerous.  In fact, it generally results in people buying sizes that are too big, just so they can dress with semi-ease.  At Caring Clothing, our jumpers have an opening on either side which makes them effortless to wear.  Our cardigans also have an open back design which means dressing someone is even simpler.


To view our options available for jumpers and cardigans, you may use the following link:

Women: Adaptive Tops for Women

Men: Adaptive Tops for Men


Our range of socks includes short and long socks, non-slip socks, sensory and autism socks as well as compression socks.  Depending on the wearer’s need, there is a likely chance that we’ll have an option to keep them warm whilst at the same time supporting their current situation.


To view our options available for socks (long and short), you may use the following:

Women: Footwear and Socks

Men: Footwear and Socks

Children & Teens: Footwear and Socks

If you have any questions about how Caring Clothing’s adaptive winter clothing range can help either yourself or someone you know, please don’t hesitate in reaching out.  You may call us on 1300 365 504 or leave us an enquiry HERE