Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight

Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight

Autism can cause children to have to deal with sensory overload, an issue where one or more of the body's senses are overstimulated to a point where they struggle to cope. Whilst commonly a symptom of autism, it can also be caused by PTSD and OCD.  One of the most successful ways to help remove these stresses is with sense deprivation; allowing the body to relax as the sufferer is able to focus on one main sensation being touch.


Managing Sensory Overload

It is very important to ensure the right amount of sensory input, not too much or too little, is all that is needed to be dealt with by children who suffer from it. The physical and emotional wellbeing of a child is so vital to development and if managed well, caregivers can play an enormous part in the success of the child.

There are of course remedies to utilise during the day; communications about their feelings, exercise to help burn off some energy, napping, calmness exercises etc,  but at night when the body and brain develop the most, and when an agitated child can feel scared or alone, some parents and caregivers can feel overwhelmed and unsure how to help.

One way is to provide the child a calm, safe environment where they can focus on fewer things and drift off to sleep naturally. Deep breathing, guided imagery, and sensory deprivation are all tried and true methods of allowing a child's mind to focus on rest and to give their body a respite from the daily bombardment of stimulus.

Parents and caregivers, let's be honest; having a good night's sleep is equally important for you! You need to be able to rest and recover from the stresses of the day and if you know that the person you care for is happy and safe and well, you will rest more comfortably too. Here's one thing you can do right now to help achieve this wonderful state of rest and relaxation.


Compression and Sensory Sheets

Compression sheets are a great way to help your child sleep better at night. If your child has autism or another associated condition, and has difficulty sleeping through the night due to sensory overload, compression sheets might be just what they need. They are an excellent alternative to weighted blankets, especially in Australian climates, are easy to put on and take off the bed as needed.

Compression bed sheets work by providing a constant, gentle pressure on the body which filters out the overwhelming sensory input and allows the child to focus on one thing at a time. This can help induce calm and to sleep better at night. It feels like a gentle hug, it helps regulate the temperature in the body and produces a relaxing effect.

Children with autism and other associated conditions often have difficulty sleeping through the night. This is because they are often very sensitive to their surroundings and get overwhelmed easily by noise, light or other stimuli. Compression sheets can help calm and soothe these children, allowing them to get the rest they need.

Caring Clothing's compression sheets are NDIS funded, made from high quality, breathable Calmtex fabric and can make a world of difference for your child. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can find the perfect one for your child. All stitches are external for a seamless feel and there are no tags or stamped labels for children with tactile sensitivity.


You can find a range of Calm Care Sensory Compression bedsheets on the Caring Clothing website, as well as a large range of clothing, footwear, incontinence aids, meal aids and accessories here on our website.  

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