compression clothing for anxiety

How Calming Compression Clothing can be Beneficial (for adults & children)

When it comes to using calming compression clothing for adults and children, there are many benefits to consider.  Many people don’t realise that by introducing some specially manufactured and snug-fitting clothing to someone’s life, you can actually be helping them in various ways.
To begin though, we should first explain what calming compression clothing is, just I case you’re not familiar with it yet.
Calming compression clothing or undergarments are used primarily to assist in regulating the body’s filter sensory information.  This means being able to listen, focus and learn all whilst staying calm and becoming more self-aware.
Calming compression clothing for autism and ADHD
When a child or an adult suffers from autism or ADHD, they generally have difficulties when it comes to sensory processing.  A way to help the individual feel more comfortable in what they’re wearing is to provide them with deep pressure input and calming clothing. This is another way of saying that you should provide the individual with clothing that is going to help create more body awareness as well as proprioceptive feedback.  This will all assist in helping the wearer to stay calm, focused and attentive and also helps with motor skills; both fine and gross motor.
Calming compression clothing has been specifically designed not to have any internal stitching. The idea is to make clothing which is designed for comfort, which means no centre seam and no tags.  Seams and tags will usually act as a distraction or an annoyance for the wearer which is why they’ve been left out.
Calming compression clothing for anxiety
In many cases when a person feels anxious or the onset of an anxiety attack, a simple hug can help them through it.  At times when someone may not be nearby to provide a hug, it can become very difficult for the individual.  In order to assist with delaying and sometimes avoiding the onset of an anxiety attack, calming compression clothing can be used. 
Calming compression clothing provides a constant soft ‘hug’ for the wearer’s body. Whether if it’s an undergarment or socks, the individual can choose to wear it during the day as well at night.
What’s the material like?
Calming compression clothing is made from a specialised high-quality, breathable, moisture-wicking sensory fabric.  A lot of care has been taken to ensure the external stitching provides a seamless feel for the wearer and that the material will keep the individual cool, dry and comfortable throughout the whole year. All these extra touches help to allow the wearer to enjoy the calming benefits as well as minimising meltdowns.
What clothing options have we got available?
When it comes to calming compression clothing, we have the following options available:
  •  Long sleeve tops
  • Short sleeve tops
  • Singlets/vests
  • Shorts
  • Bodysuits
  • Long socks
  • Short socks
  • Dignity suits (adults only)
All the above clothing options are available for adults and children of both sexes.  The only exception is with the dignity suits, which are only available for adults.
For more information on our calming compression clothing options, feel free to browse our store HERE:
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Women: Sensory Calming Compression Clothing for Women
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