How confidence aids retain dignity and avoid major injuries from unexpected falls.

Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mats

The Conni Absorbent Mat that we offer sits firm and flat on the floor to help prevent trips and slips in areas where liquid might be split. A great addition to your bathroom or kitchen for added safety.

It is also ideal for use anywhere in the home. The versatile non-slip absorbent floor mat can sit under your wheelchair or recliner to protect flooring from damage.

Bathroom Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat
Toilet Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat

The non-slip absorbent floor mat is an easy to clean product which can be wiped clean with a cloth and washed with soapy water after use and left outside to dry.The Conni Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mat will prevent accidents on floors, which are often caused by spilled drinks, food and medicine.

Other uses for the Conni Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mat include placing under pots to prevent any spills when cooking; underneath your pets food bowl to catch any dropped food and protecting carpets from stains and odours. It can be used next to the bed or chair for leaks that may occur when arising and is excellent under commodes and IV stands.

  • The grey serviceable colour hides moisture and stains
  • Convenient and durable
  • Available in one size
  • Quick and easy to launder 
Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat

40% of people who have experienced a fall with injury experienced a previous fall, which was unreported. Those previous falls just weren’t severe enough for a hospital visit, but they happened.

With a Conni Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mat you won't be saying comments like;

"Most of my falls happened in the home, mostly in the bathroom. A couple times the paramedics had to come out."

"I was walking on my mopped kitchen floor and the next thing I did was fall flat on my face. And I was down. I’m not sure if I lost consciousness or not. I was very stunned. I couldn’t get up. I could not physically pull myself up to stand.  I had no other choice but to crawl to my lounge room. So, I got myself up on a chair and I just sat there for a while. Then, I didn’t feel so bad. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. And, I had this big goose-egg bump on the side of my head, abrasions down my face, and I was starting to get two black eyes."

Get your Conni Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mat and prevent falls and slips like this today.