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How NDIS participants can benefit with Caring Clothing?


During recent years, the government has been running several initiatives to try and assist the elderly and those living with disabilities to receive more affordable care and support. Finding funding and quality support for people with a disability has been an issue that Australia had been experiencing for a very long time, but it appears that things are starting to change!


At Caring Clothing, our entire ethos has been around providing high-quality adaptive clothing and footwear to those that find it difficult dressing or to those that can be benefitted by having specific types of clothing designed to aid their current situation.


To further propel our mission, we had recently launched a new partnership with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a Registered Provider.  By forming this partnership and being an official NDIS Provider, Caring Clothing now provides fully-funded clothing and footwear to NDIS Participants.  By being completely funded by the Australian Government under Consumables, it has never been easier for carers and those with a disability to have access to these garments without needing to pay.


What is the NDIS scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a social welfare scheme of the Australian Government that funds cost associated with disability.  From being legislated in 2013, the scheme is still expanding and is expected to be in full operation nationally by 2020.


When Caring Clothing started their partnership with the NDIS it meant that our customers that were NDIS Participants (or carers) no longer needed to worry about paying for their clothing – by doing this, we have successfully managed to help thousands of people around Australia, and we’re sure that this number will grow.


What makes Caring Clothing unique?

At Caring Clothing, we have always placed a large emphasis on ensuring that our range of clothing and footwear has not only been built on facilitating the process when it comes to dressing and undressing but also focuses on clothing which is considered stylish.  We understand that the clothing which someone wears plays a large impact on how they feel – we, therefore, wanted to ensure that our customers don’t feel as though they’re wearing ‘different’ clothing when dressing for their needs. 


Backed by years of research, love and care, our entire range offers practical and functional dressing solutions designed at maintaining independence and style.


Some ways in which Caring Clothing has specifically been designing clothes to appear as standard clothing (but with all the elements included to make dressing and undressing easier for both the wearer and the carer) include:

  •  Wide neck openings
  • Open back (overlapping layers of fabric)
  • Side opening trousers and pants
  • All-in-one dignity suits and onesies
  • VELCRO® and clips replacing buttons and zips


How do I know if someone qualifies to be an NDIS Participant?

For those that are unsure if they, or if someone they know qualifies to be an NDIS participant, you may visit the National Disability Insurance Scheme website HERE Once on the website, you’ll see plenty of information on the homepage which will direct you to eligibility and application processes.

If you would like to know more about how Caring Clothing has been helping to provide their customers with suitable and effective clothing options, feel free to visit our design function page HERE or our range.


Alternatively, if you like to learn more about how we’re able to provide fully-funded clothing to NDIS Participants, then you may do so by reading the following article HERE (