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How to beat the heat during the sweltering nights

It’s been a trying time across the globe, but Australians can finally look forward to a bit of respite with the advent of the summer season. Air conditioning units are a no-brainer when it comes to the most powerful and reliable forms of cooling, but they can be loud, expensive, and aren’t exactly the most environmentally-friendly way to ensure you get that slumber you deserve. From nightwear to technical tools, following these tips and tricks will ensure you get the ample rest you need and are fully energised for the days ahead.


Fans can get a bad wrap, with some naysayers suggesting they do little more than push warm air around the room, however there are many ways to position and adjust fans to ensure you reach full cooling potential. 

Pointing box fans out the window means they actually push the hot air out. Similarly, placing a fan across from an open window means you can manoeuvre a cooling cross-breeze. The more fans, the more angles of airflow, so if you’ve got a few lying around in the garage, now is the time to bring them out and scatter them around your living room. Combine these simple tricks with the correct, breathable nightwear, means you have the best chance of getting those eight hours under your belt!


Every electronic generates heat, which means those laptops, television sets and gadgets strewn around the house are all producing added and unnecessary warmth. Before you hop into bed, be sure to switch off devices, including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and gaming devices.


This one is a simple and effective trick; a lukewarm shower or bath about an hour before hopping into bed is an easy way to cool your body temperature, whilst also promoting a feeling of relaxation. These two benefits are key to ensuring a good night’s sleep by helping regulate body temperature and soothing your mind.


Before you leave your home for the day, be sure to close all blinds and shutters to ensure your home remains as shielded from the sun as possible. When staying in, keep the curtains drawn in rooms you’re not using; this will ensure you have little cool alcoves to retreat to throughout the day, should you need respite from your main space. 


If you’re seeking immediate soothing, an ice pack, bag of frozen peas or trusty ice cubes can be held against your skin, providing instant relief from the searing heat. For a longer-lasting effect, place a container or a few plastic bottles of ice in front of your fan, and enjoy the effects of extra cool air. 


Digesting food takes effort, and effort means an increase in body temperature. Wind down with greater ease by making sure your evening meal is a light one. A hearty breakfast or long lunch can ensure you don’t succumb to any late-night cravings, whilst opting for cold food such as salads and pre-cooked meat means you wont need to generate extra heat by using ovens or stoves. 


We’ve all heard about the luxury that is Egyption Cotton, and now is the time to invest. For clothing, nightwear and bed-sheets, cotton and linen are the most breathable of natural fabrics, allowing air to flow through the threads, whilst also benefiting from a moisture-wicking effect that helps flick off extra moisture. Aerating, timeless, and in some cases insect-repelling, high-quality bedding and clothing with a high percentage of cotton will be one of the best investments you can make during the summer months.

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Natural fibres go from day to night in the summer, and the good news is that everyone can benefit from their restorative properties. Men’s and women’s nightwear from Caring Clothing are adaptable, allowing for ease of dressing and perfect for those with limited movement.


In addition to the right nightwear, you can prevent the emotional insecurity that is one of the prime effects of incontinence. Caring clothing have a range of incontinence underwear for men, women, and children, which can be worn day or night. As well as this, reusable pads and waterproof mattress toppers can help ensure you feel completely secure before you slide between the sheets.

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Flowing, loose-fitting garments are ideal for keeping cool, and are particularly important in nightwear. The right fabrics can wick moisture from your skin, whilst allowing air to wisp through the skin and carry away excess heat.


It’s not only your choice of bed linen that should be addressed during summer. Placing your head into deep, fluffy pillows may be comforting during winter, however when seeking cool relief, no one wants to feel encased in features. Switch your winter headrest for a less dense pillow or pad during the summer nights, and enjoy the feeling of open neck space.


Ice packs, cold compresses, or that trusty bag of frozen peas are all the most effective when placed directly on the pulse points;  wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and behind your knees. If you need an instant cooling sensation, grab one of these hero-products from the freezer and enjoy the freeze.


They can water plants, train your dog, and give you an immediate soothing sensation. Fill the spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge, ready to be spritzed on your face and body whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

And last, but certainly not least:


Drink it. Alot of it, regularly.