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How to Ensure Your Child has the Best Sleep

Sleep is precious for mental and physical health, energy and general well-being, and for assisting in repair and healing. Not getting enough increases the risks of numerous ailments and diseases, not to mention making us all feel less than happy throughout the day. We all know the effect lack of sleep has on our own bodies and minds, as well as the impact it can have on our performance at work and our ability to communicate with partners.

When it comes to children, sleep patterns affect their demeanour in the same way: anxious throughout the day, unable to concentrate at school, and setting them up for longer-term issues. These are all possible outcomes due to lack of rest. As parents tending to them when they wake, we are exhausted by our attempts at coaxing them to sleep, and are distressed when we see their discomfort. Conversely, a good night’s sleep for the little ones means a deeper slumber for ourselves. There are as many rules and routines for lulling children to sleep as there are children themselves, but there are tips and tricks that the experts unanimously agree on


It’s all about creating good habits through consistency. Ensure you keep your child on a regular schedule. Bathing, bedtime story, and switching off the light at the same time each night, will eventually lead them to have a sense of ownership surrounding the bedtime routine. You can add your personal touch to the schedule, for example, older children may swap the bedtime story with a discussion of their time at school, or their hopes for the following day.


We all know that these days television and devices can double as babysitters, and there is undeniably a place for such forms of entertainment. However, when it comes to preparing your child for bed, a routine that embraces relaxing pastimes will ensure they are not overstimulated before sleeping. Reading or listening to soothing music can benefit a child at any age, and you can’t deny a trusty glass of warm milk to imbue them with an urge to close their eyes.

School Holidays
For younger children, holidays shouldn’t mean a complete disruption to routine. Try to keep bedtimes and wakeup times as close to your normal hours as feasible, whilst for those who are still young enough to nap, make sure they don’t oversleep during these moments. Setting them up for a deep sleep during the night means keeping an eye on them during their shorter energy-boosting snoozes. 

Sleeping Confidence
Children need to feel confident in their ability to sleep through the night, and not dread the ‘what ifs’. For those with bedwetting problems, night-time can be particularly stressful. Waterproof mattress protectors come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit every need, and every bed. Children's mattress protectors help ensure your child can sleep comfortably with the knowledge that night-time accidents won’t be a problem! Mattress protection for toddler beds are designed to fit snugly around the base or topper and can be easily removed for washing, whilst waterproof and absorbent fitted sheets will keep beds hygienic and stain-free, meaning your child can sleep through the night, and preserve the mattress for a longer period of time.

When it comes to sleeping confidence, it’s not just about mattress protection for toddler beds, but also ensuring your child has the added security which usually comes from a hug. Caring Clothing offers a myriad of kids mattress protectors to give you and your child peace of mind, but for added confidence, pairing it with sensory and calming compression bed sheets provide that additional sense of security. Easy to wash and providing constant sensory input to calm the system, these bed sheets can help your child feel calm all night long.

As with adults, the bedroom is ideally reserved as a place to sleep and little else. Grown-ups have read about the benefits of refusing to indulge in emails and last-minute work calls as they lie in bed, and similarly children can sleep more soundly when the room is reserved for sleep and sleep alone. Make sure toys and distractions have been cleaned up to ensure your child associates the bed with rest, so that they train their mind to switch off as they lie down. 

Childrens Mattress Protector

Remember, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important and natural ways we can fight disease and promote strong mental health. Resting and recharging is vital for everybody at every age, therefore investing in time, routines and tools which may boost our ability to regulate sleep patterns is beneficial for everyone. If you’re looking to invest in waterproof mattress protectors, compression bedsheets or nightwear which may assist in promoting a healthy sleep, follow the link to browse the range of incontinence and compressions support available at Caring Clothing.