Adaptive Clothing made accessible for people living with disabilities

Humans are adaptable; our clothes should be too.

Caring Clothing seeks to provide fashion that is both functional and stylish. Understanding how clothes are as much a form of self-expression as they are comfortable, our Adaptive Clothing range consists of the most practical designs that value independence in life and self-expression in clothing. 

Adaptive clothing is designed to make life easier for seniors and people with disabilities who may experience difficulty when dressing. For example, it may be due to an inability to manipulate buttons and zippers or, for those with arthritis, limited shoulder and arm movement. The range is ideal for elderly ladies and men living independently, being cared for at home or in residential care, nursing homes, or wheelchair users.

When developing the range, we discussed different scenarios and needs with medical providers, the carers and most importantly, the wearers themselves. The insights from these discussions were immense and led to an evolution of previous designs or, in some cases, a completely new approach. As a result, the benefits of our Adaptive Clothing range include:

  • The task of dressing is now simplified when lying down or sitting in a wheelchair.
  • Adaptations to traditional clothing designs allow for quicker dressing, less rolling, lifting & repositioning, reducing any risk of injury to both support carer and wearer.
  • Reduces awkward joint movement
  • Dressing and undressing easier whilst operating a lifting machine
  • All-in-one dignity suits (onesies) reduce the risk of disrobing and can assist with keeping incontinence aids in place
  • The side opening & open back trousers allow for ease of dressing incontinence aids
  • The Clothing Range withstands high temperatures in washing machines and dryers

Specifically designed to appear as traditional clothing, our adaptive clothing range makes dressing easier for both the individual and carers via subtle features, including:

  • Wide neck openings
  • Open back (overlapping layers of fabric)
  • Side opening trousers
  • All-in-one dignity suits & onesies
  • VELCRO® and clips replacing buttons and zips which can prove troublesome 

We stock a wide range of products: meal protectors or bibs, hospital products (including incontinence underwear), nightwear, dignity suits for dementia patients (also known as all-in-one outfits), open back trousers (for lifting machines), adaptive trousers, open back singlets, continence aids (reusable underwear for incontinence), tops, cardigans, dresses & polo shirts

Accessible clothing for people living with disabilities, seniors and the elderly

Caring Clothing is proud to be a Registered Provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This means that if you are an NDIS participant, our adaptive clothing range and footwear can be fully funded by the Australian Government under Consumables allowances.  

We can provide you & your family with quotes to assist in your purchase. 

To find out whether you are eligible for NDIS Funding, visit:


If you have specific questions about the Adaptive Clothing Range, please contact our team via email: or see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more information.