Kids Incontinence swim shorts

Incontinence at the pool or beach with the kids is no fun

Conni Kids Incontinence Swimwear Shorts

As we move into the summer months you may be thinking, what do I do about incontinence at beach and pool visits with my little one?

On the matter, what about my older child with autism or developmentally delayed child who is not toilet trained? Maybe your child has cerebral palsy which makes it hard for them to stand up in the bathroom. These are all great questions.

If you still have a child in diapers, specially built incontinence swim shorts will be your best bet to solve this problem.

Introducing... Conni Kids Incontinence Swimwear Shorts!

Perfect protection for water environments.

Washable and reusable incontinence bathers/swimwear shorts for kids, designed to contain bladder and bowel matter. Provides kids a safe, secure, and confident aquatic experience when those unexpected accidents occur, delaying void-causing germs from leaking into the water. Flexible and comfortable with a built-in brief, the Swim Shorts feature an adjustable drawstring with a toggle at the waist and legs for a secure fit. 

Conni Kids Incontinence swim shorts

The Conni Kids Incontinence swim shorts can be reused countless times. A cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products.

The bathers/ swimwear can offer a solution for children:

  • with bowel incontinence
  • with bladder incontinence
  • who are toilet training

And with a wide sizing range available - from size 02-04 all the way up to size 14-16 these swim shorts incontinence solution will help a wide variety of children.

Say goodbye to the embarrassment of public incontinence accidents and say hello to the protection and piece of mind of the Conni Kids Swim Shorts.

Enjoying a day at the beach/pool doesn't have to be ruined by bowel or bladder incontinence anymore - get your Conni Kids Incontinence swim shorts and get back to having a fun day out with the kids.

Swimwear for Children with Incontinence: The Conni Swim Shorts