Instilling Confidence Across All Ages:  Caring Clothing’s Range Of Autism Sensory Products For Young And Old - Caring Clothing

Instilling Confidence Across All Ages: Caring Clothing’s Range Of Autism Sensory Products For Young And Old

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder characterised by symptoms such as difficulty with social interaction, restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviour and impaired communication skills. These characteristics may be seen in children and adolescents, manifesting in a difficulty communicating with peers, maintaining friendships and understanding the expectations of behaviour in schools or work environments. Some traits may be evident from early childhood, however often go unrecognised until the necessity of schooling or other activities involving concentration and social interaction increases.

In 2015 it was estimated that 164,000, approximately 1 in 150 Australians, had varying degrees of autism, indicating that sensory and various processing disorders are common. However, without definitive tests or ‘cures’ per se, it can be difficult to ascertain whether you or those you know might have autism. Increasing advances in developmental monitoring and screening technology as well as a broader understanding of these disorders can help doctors make a diagnosis, although often an identification of autism is brought about by analysis of an adjacent condition such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, or conduct disorder. With these coordinating conditions a reality for those on the autism spectrum, it is important to ensure the most constant and simple solutions are available, so that children and adults alike can go about their days with peace of mind, confidence, and security. 

Autism products for adults and children can be isolating, with garments that draw attention to the individual rather than helping the wearer be at ease with their peers. The range of autism sensory products at Caring Clothing have been carefully selected to ensure the wearer remains comfortable, confident, and secure throughout day and night, offering a wide range of calming and compression clothing, undergarments, and nightwear to assist regulation of the body’s sensory processing systems whilst remaining subtle and chic.

Autism Sensory Products

To buy autism products is to invest in added security and serenity for those with a myriad of sensory processing issues. Calming compression undergarments from Caring Clothing can be worn under regular clothing or uniforms, while our range of T-shirts and leggings are chic alternatives to the often garish sensory products on the market. 

Specifically designed for the everyday needs of people with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety, or sensory processing difficulties across all ages, our autism sensory products provide a calming pressure to the body, simulating the sensation of a soothing and reassuring hug to put the wearer at ease, resulting in greater focus, and in turn stronger listening and retention skills. This means getting the  most out of all interactions, be it at school, in the workplace, or in social situations. 


Made for those with any degree of sensory processing troubles, our products are tag-free, and seam-free, to ensure minimal irritation on the skin. Employing high-quality, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric means the wearer will remain cool and calm during the warmer months, whilst continuing to assist with proprioceptive feedback.


Our autism and sensory products have you covered from top to toe, inside and out, day and night. Offering a variety of short and long-sleeved tops, our fabrics are durable without being harsh, keeping the wearer cool, dry and comfortable all year round.

This long-sleeved top is manufactured extra-long to provide sensory input to the entire torso and can be worn as clothing or undergarment. Similarly, our range of children’s compression clothing is multipurpose, transitional from day to night, and can be worn under school uniforms.

long-sleeved top


children’s compression clothing

Shorts and Leggings

Sensory compression shorts and leggings are a great example of design prowess, offering the psychological benefits of soothing, gentle pressure, whilst navigating the  reality of uniforms and workplace dress codes. Without internal or centre seams and tags, compression shorts and leggings have been created to be worn under clothing, leaving the wearer feeling secure and able to focus throughout the day. 

compression shorts and leggings


Calming sensory socks have proven to be our most popular item for those looking to buy autism products, with a variety of lengths, styles and colours to suit all tastes and age groups. Assisting those with autism, anxiety, and a variety of sensory processing disorders, our socks are created for relief and comfort.

sensory socks


Caring Clothing Compression Range

There are a variety of products, accessories and clothing options available to assist those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), anxiety, or sensory processing difficulties, including short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops, singlets and vests, shorts and legging, short and long socks, bodysuits, nightwear and dignity suits for adults. Furthermore, calming compression bedsheets to assist with stress-free sleeping and activity blankets to promote sensory and tactile stimulation.  

To browse the full range of calming and compression clothing, as well as autism products for adults, teenagers and children, visit the compression section of our website.