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Little tweaks for large results; protective accessories to ensure confidence

Confidence. It’s a quality which can stem from a myriad of internal and external factors, but is undeniably important for the wellbeing of an individual. A sense of autonomy, security, and control are all things which can make children and adults alike feel more comfortable in social situations, leading to greater mental health, happiness and a number of qualities which expand horizons and lead to greater self worth. Simple tweaks to daily activities and procedures is often all that is required to make an individual prepared to take on the world, or even just feel more comfortable in their own skin. 


Mealtimes can be a difficult moment for some, however the simple addition of bibs for adults with special needs or waterproof baby bibs for toddlers, can mean less self-conscious mealtimes, and a greater enjoyment of the interaction that is often a by-product of these moments.

Adults in particular may feel self-conscious at mealtimes, and therefore simple accessories can be implemented to ensure the wearer feels in control without drawing attention to themselves. Adult bandanas offer the wearer security from spills, whilst doubling as a fashion accessory. Easy to secure with press studs means those with a lack of mobility may find bandanas easier to use, and with an absorbent inner lining and waterproof backing, you can be sure of protection and discretion.

If you’re looking to buy a bib for kids, Caring Clothing offers a range of colours and styles to please everyone including this waterproof baby bib for toddlers. The terry toweling fabric makes for ease of washing, and protects clothing from food and drinks spills. This meal-protector is also a suitable bib for adults with special needs, and can fold right into your bag for added discretion. 

Bibs for adults with special needs come in a range of styles and colours, and the Confident Care Meal Protector is no exception. With a variety of colours available, washable and available for bulk and individual purchase, this meal protector features a heavy-duty waterproof backing for extra protection against stains and spills.

Available in a standard style or with extra long length to protect the lap while sitting,  Confident Care’s Meal Protector is the ideal bib for adults with special needs. For those who have difficulty avoiding spills while eating, this meal protector ensures the wearer’s clothing is protected so they can enjoy their meals without worry. 

Mealtimes shouldn’t be a challenge, and sometimes all that’s required to ensure these moments are anxiety-free is an extra layer of protection. Whether you’re looking to buy bibs for kids, teens or adults, Caring Clothing have a range of meal protectors to suit every environment and every style. To browse the range, simply visit us online.


No matter where you live, the most important thing is safety. Being able to move around your home with confidence is crucial in maintaining the peace of mind that should come with your own space. Small additions to a room can result in just the right amount of added security, which can transform a room from a place of stress, to one of ease.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be areas of danger, places where accidents are most likely to occur. The Conni Absorbent Mat can prevent slips and trips, absorbing fluids and protecting carpets from stains. Convenient and durable, the absorbent mat can also be used beside beds to assist with any morning leaks, or placed under IV stands. Firm and flat, this mat offers discreet protection in those areas that may be prone to accidents.

Chair pads are the essential and subtle addition for those who experience leaks, stains, or spills. An absorbent pad with non-slip and waterproof backing, Caring Clothing’s variety of chair pads are the marriage of discretion and style, ensuring confidence for the sitter, whilst maintaining style in the room. Suitable for adults with incontinence or children undergoing toilet-training, these chair pads are available in a range of sizes and colours, suitable from chairs, strollers, wheelchairs, and car seats.


A good night’s sleep is crucial for adults and children alike, but nothing disturbs slumber more than anxiety. Worrying about leaks during the night can cause distress, so Caring Clothing has a variety of bedding to ensure you and your loved ones get a stress-free eight hours! 

Bed Pads are suitable for all ages, offering the protection of absorbent and waterproof fabric which can assist with bedwetting and perspiration. With a stay-dry top layer, absorbent core and waterproof backing, our array of bedding options instil confidence in the sleeper, and are made from lightweight, durable fabrics to ensure the utmost comfort. An environmentally-friendly alternative to disposables, our range of bed pads and absorbent sheets are easy to use, discreet, comfortable, and machine-washable.

The Comfortshield® Gold Mattress Protector is waterproof and absorbent, made from Premium Cotton Terry Towelling for comfort and ease. This breathable fabric has a waterproof surface, and features anti-allergy dust mite control, is protective against everyday spills, stains and leaks and means you can settle-in to s stress-free bedtime, everytime. 

If you want to ensure you, your loved ones, and your home is it’s most anxiety-free, browse the range of accessories at Caring Clothing and discover the small additions which can make a world of difference.