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Meal time clothing protection made easy with meal protectors and bibs.

As people start to age, their hand and eye coordination may begin to falter, or medical conditions impact their range of movement. As a result, there may be a need for a way to protect their clothing while consuming food.

Adults with disabilities might not have the strength or coordination to be able to feed themselves and rely on the assistance of others. Regardless of the root cause, the desire to look nice in front of family & friends at social events can be hindered by having an adult bib that protects clothes from spills but doesn't allow them any sense of dignity. 

Caring Clothing has solved this dilemma with a range of Meal Protectors and Bibs designed for adults dealing with these issues. In addition, we have researched the best waterproof yet machine washable materials, which protect clothing but are comfortable to wear every mealtime. 


The Brolly Sheets adult bandana is an ideal clothing meal protector (bib) for people who have difficulty with eating and avoidable spills. 

They are a great fashion accessory, offering a practical but stylish solution to keeping dry and clean. Easy to secure with press studs, they benefit from an absorbent inner and waterproof backing so you can be confident of the level of protection while also giving complete discretion to the wearer. The bandannas are available in various colours and patterns and are an excellent option for when you are out and about.

The Brolly Sheets adult bandana top layer is a soft 100% cotton, the inner layer is 100% polyester, whilst the backing is a 100% polyester backed polyurethane (PLU).  A practical but stylish option for keeping clean and dry. 

Bandand Bib Meal Protector




The Confident Care Adult Napkin Style Meal Protector (bib) is designed to protect the wearer from spillages while comfortable wearing and adjusting. This meal protector is an excellent option for a broader coverage across the wearer’s chest, stomach, and lap area. 

It features a built-in heavy-duty Polyurethane (PU) waterproof backing, which provides extra protection for the wearer. It has a  press stud fastening at the back of the neck. The Meal Protector is available in a classic colour range of: Navy Blue, Grey, Beige or White. 

The Confident Care Adult Napkin Style Meal Protector is constructed from waterproof materials; the facing is a  Polyester/ Cotton blend, the backing is a sturdy Polyurethane (PU). 

Napkin Style Bib and Meal Protector



We have a very soft and easy-to-use option for those who don’t like fasteners or excess material against their torso. The Caring Clothing terry-towelling clothing meal protector (Bib) is easy to pull over the head. They are ideal for people who have difficulty with eating and unavoidable spills.

The terry-towelling design is Machine Washable and can withstand the high temperatures of industrial washing machines used in nursing homes and other professional care environments. 

They can also be Tumble Dried on low heat. 


Our Meal Protector/ Bib range can be purchased in bulk or individually.

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