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A Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap - how does it work without water?

Grooming is the most common thing that comes to mind when we think of personal care. Daily bathing and hygiene (including oral health) contribute greatly to someone's overall well-being. 

When you're unhappy with your appearance it has a significant impact on how you feel about yourself - so maintaining good grooming habits or encouraging loved ones who need assistance in this area can help bolster their self-esteem. 

Our Confident Care Rinse Free Shampoo Cap is a great product for those who may need assistance with washing their hair, yet may not be able to stand in the shower for long periods or lean backwards in a hairdressers basin without discomfort. It is very easy to use with great results. 


How to use the Rinse Free Shampoo Cap:

Step 1: Open the packet. Tear the corner of the packet to open it slightly.

Step 2: Place the packet in the microwave for 30 seconds only. This is only to warm the cap for the user’s comfort. 

Note: The cap can be used cold or heated. It is optional to heat via microwave or have the packet submerged in warm water depending on your comfort.

Important: Do not exceed this time limit. This guide is based on a standard, domestic microwave. This product is not suitable for commercial microwaves. 

Step 3: Remove the cap from the packet. Next, place it on the head as you would do with a standard shower cap. 

It can be placed over the ears, or if the user would prefer the ears can be exposed. Ensure to tuck in any stray hairs. 

Step 4: Gently massage the scalp, starting at the front of the head for up to 3 minutes for maximised effectiveness. The cap will gently clean and soften the hair. 

Step 5: Dispose of the cap once used. Gently dry the hair with a towel, then style the hair as you normally would. 

Who could use it?

People who cannot wash their hair as they normally would due to injury or limited movement. 

It is great for travellers on the go - those who enjoy camping, fishing trips and outdoor activities where shower facilities aren't readily available. 

We offer individual caps or check out our bundle offer to ensure you always have a cap ready to go.