Compression clothing has long been touted by athletes around the world, however the benefits of streamlined fabrics with a snug fit and minimal fuss has been celebrated in the healthcare industry too. Compression clothing for children & teens can be worn under uniforms to ensure a feeling of comfort and security throughout the day. Equally compression clothing for men and women provide the same proprioceptive feedback to ensure concentration in the workplace and the ability to socialise without feeling self-conscious. In essence, compression clothing for women, men, and children alike offer the sensation of a hug to which reassures the mind and body all day long.


The deep pressure stimulation of compression clothing for children & teens is an unobtrusive way to ensure they get the most from school. The calming effect of compression tops and pants helps prevent panic attacks and other emotional outbursts that may be a result of anxiety. The result is a greater confidence and ability to interact with peers, focus during class, and help develop their fine and gross motor skills.


Compression clothing for adults has its place too, helping men and women concentrate for longer periods while in the workplace, without fear of anxiety attacks or loss of focus. The increased sense of calm as provided by compression clothing for men and for women means adults can concentrate on the task at hand, without succumbing to sensory-seeking behaviors. 


Compression clothing for women and men need not be garish or draw-attention. Caring Clothing offers a variety of compression clothing for men and women, children & teens in subtle designs which can be worn under garments on their own. Compression vests in both long and short sleeved varieties, as well as leggings and socks means those who benefit from the gentle pressure of compression garments have options all year round, with any outer layer. Furthermore, seamless designs without difficult zips and buttons means the wearer has greater independence of dressing, and less chance of irritation throughout the day. If you’re looking to buy compression clothing for yourself or a loved one, Caring Clothing can dress you from top to toe, day or night, with our subtle and sleek garments. 


Caring Clothing’s compression clothing is made from specialised fabrics which provide a gentle pressure to the limbic system, in a manner which mics the sensation of a soothing hug. The moisture-wicking, breathable sensory fabric ensures compression garments can be worn throughout the summer months, keeping the wearer cool, dry and comfortable, whilst external stitching and tag-free construction means compression clothing for men, women and children are seamless non-irritant.  


We all know the importance of sleep in helping the body repair and rejuvenate as well as to ensure greater focus and stamina the following day. Those who are looking to buy compression clothing may be interested to know the same, calming effects of sensory garments can be replicated throughout the night. Caring Clothing’s compression clothing for children & teens, and adults of all ages can be worn under pyjamas or on their own as nightwear, providing greater calm and security for those living with sensory or neurological conditions. In addition, Caring Clothing stock a variety of bedding to assist with sleep, helping an over-stimulated nervous system soothe itself. Made from Calmtex®, a premium, soft and breathable fabric, our sensory compression bedsheets provide that added comfort and secure-sensation during the night.


Caring Clothing’s sensory clothing and bedding is suitable for all ages, with a range of tops and bottoms for men and women, children and teenagers. Improving the daily lives and slumbers of individuals and families living with sensory and neurological conditions, compression clothing and bedding is the easiest way to provide calm, security, and in turn, confidence, to the wearer. Our garments are suitable for those with a variety of conditions including:

  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Dyspraxia
  • Apraxia
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ADHD
  • Various anxiety disorders

If you’re looking to buy compression clothing or sensory bedding, contact Caring Clothing, or browse our range of garments and accessories online.