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The benefits of compression clothing at any age

Compression clothing is a key in assisting those with circulatory issues, but first and foremost they provide comfort and assistance in regulating the body’s sensory information. Helping those with sensory issues including forms of autism and ADHD, compression clothing - for men, women, and children - is a simple and effective way to provide the wearer with added comfort and security, whilst giving carers and family that added peace of mind. 

Compressions clothing for children and teenagers result in the wearer gaining extra focus and therefore a greater ability to listen and contribute during classes and social activities, while adults can feel secure in the extra independence afforded to them through the constant sense of calm and stability thanks to the sensation of compression weight. 

Caring Clothing specialise in such compression garments, ensuring you and your loved ones are sporting clothing which marries fashion with functionality, and security with style. From children to the young-at-heart, everyone can benefit from added security, while our range of high-quality, breathable fabrics provide moisture-wicking effects, that is of particular benefit during the summer months.  

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Compression clothing and undergarments are not new, but have traditionally been designed with medical benefits in mind. With little heed paid to aesthetics, very few have the wearer’s sense of fashion and individuality in mind. This means compression clothing often draws attention to construction differences, or attempts to conceal these under garish prints or unfashionable cuts. 

Caring Clothing stock a range of compression attire for both day and night, which are effective but also place value on designs that are fashionable and discreet. This means that your child will never feel self-conscious, achieving the emotional/social, as well as medicinal benefits, from their attire. For those who prefer the appearance of regular clothing or have a school uniform to contend with, our variety of undergarments can be worn underneath any garments, and are constructed with non-abrasive fabrics to ensure your child can enjoy the security of gentle compression, irritation-free. Whether your child requires clothing or underwear that is seamless, breathable, or tag-free, Caring Clothing have a variety of products to satisfy any sensitivities and give your loved one the feeling of security and independence.

Children's Compression Clothing


The benefits of weighted sensations are numerous, with nonabrasive fabrics meaning minimum fuss and freedom from irritation. These qualities are not only fundamental to daily fashion, but also key to ensuring a good night’s sleep. If you or your child struggle to stay cool, calm and irritation-free during the night, our range of sensory bedding  contains all the benefits of compression clothing. Ensure they have their best-foot-forward in the day, by giving them the calming calming sensory input through the night.

Bed Time Compression Clothing


Our singlets can be worn as undergarments or externally, both day and night. By helping regulate the body and filter sensory information, these garments give the wearer the best opportunity to remain focused and calm throughout their daily activities, and to sleep serenely through the night. Wearing underneath pyjamas means constant sensory input, whilst a variety of designs are available to prevent wandering hands or afford carers easy access for nappy-changes. Using the highest-quality sensory fabrics, and promoting breathability to ensure the wearer remains cool and dry, our array of designs will suit any issue or sensitivity.



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It’s not only children who can benefit from a hug. Adults suffering from anxiety disorders often find themselves on the brink of panic attacks and nerves, which could be settled with the simple and reassuring addition of pressure to soothe their senses. The calming effects of compression clothing can also assist wearers with issues surrounding both fine and gross motor skills, by promoting a sense of focus and calm, and with an emphasis on the highest-quality fabric, our range of clothing is as much about ensuring adults feel ‘grown up’ as it is about alleviating anxiety. Those with mobility issues can also benefit from our range which includes velcro and front-fastening attire for ease of dressing, as well as products that keep security as priority for those who are prone to undressing. In short, we have compression clothing for every need, without sacrificing quality, fashion or independence.

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