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The benefits of Grip or ‘Non-slip’ Socks

These unique socks are growing in popularity due to their positive benefits to users. 

Non-slip socks are great for people with arthritis, disabilities, oedema, or lowered mobility. People with these conditions can suffer pain in the joints, swelling and inflammation which impact the normal range of movement. The added grips help stabilise the feet against the floor surface, in addition to providing extra cushioning. 

The effectiveness of non-slip socks in hospitals is worth mentioning because seniors and patients want to feel safe and secure as they move around unfamiliar environments. We can all understand that when you are unwell, your balance is off, your reaction time to hazards diminished. The use of non-slip socks in hospitals is crucial because it helps reduce the chances of slips and falls as people move around the ward and medical facilities. 

For those living independently, It is important to remember many houses have tile floors, polished floorboards or vinyl, which can become slippery when wet, a hazard regardless of your age or mobility. 

Other uses for non-slip socks include indoor activities such as gym workouts, yoga and pilates classes where the fluid movements make our palms and feet slightly sweaty. The use of non-slip socks improves your grip, helping you stay in control of your movement and equipment. That's why so many exercise studios now require non-slip socks for participants safety and equipment cleanliness. 

The Gripperz range of non-slip socks has specially designed grips on the bottom, similar to the treads on shoes, though not as stiff. The anti-slip soles are made from a durable silicone tread, perfect for patients in hospitals, post-surgery, nursing homes, retirement homes, and home care. 

Made from a cotton blend knit, the non-slip socks are available in a range of adult sizes that stretch to accommodate most feet and ankles. Though they are comfortably snug, they do not restrict the natural flow of circulation. 

The seamless toe closure adds additional comfort for those with swollen feet due to diabetes, oedema, or surgery. (Excessive elastic can reduce blood flow and add pressure to existing sore points on the feet.)

The Gripperz range of non slip socks is available in multiple sizes and colours

  • Available in XS - L (AU Shoe sizes: 02 - 12+) 
  • Styles that can accommodate any adult-sized foot, even when swollen
  • Check our sizing guide to ensure you get the right fit for your feet

Rubberised grips on the soles

  • Applied throughout the entire bottom for maximum fall prevention
  • The grip is flat and comfortable
  • The grip treads are made to be secure & wash well in domestic washing machines

Made from quality materials

  • Elastic tip-free
  • Healthy: made of high-quality cotton ensures absorbency, breathability, and softness underfoot.
  • High-quality cotton weave means they won't pill, lose shape, or develop holes after a few uses.
  • Machine washable like a regular sock

View the full range of Grip and Non-slip socks here


The information provided is general in nature and does not take into account specific needs. Please check with your General Practitioner (GP) or Specialist Medical Provider for more guidance.