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The dreaded hospital gown, is there an alternative? Yes!

Being admitted to hospital can be difficult at the best of times. You may be unwell and feeling vulnerable, as you are admitted someone passes you a ‘barely-there’ hospital gown and its likely you’ll feel full of confidence that some will see your bottom!

Although many in the industry are aware of alternatives to the traditional hospital gown (over time meagre changes have been made, though not with both comfort and dignity in mind), the drive for change has not yet been great enough to initiate widespread action. We at Caring Clothing have identified the fact this is likely to do with a dearth of an adequate alternative. Though some big players overseas have made a mark in introducing more stylish hospital gowns, their taste can occasionally be questionable!

There have been some initiatives to better the original design -which has been changed little since the early 20th century. Big names such as Diane von Furstenberg have been commissioned to create a funky alternative. Other American hospitals have commissioned local universities and creative design colleges to bring to market some innovative, fun alternatives. However, the outcome of such high-profile projects (though often a fantastic way to spread awareness for the need for adaptive clothing) don’t always suit the needs of varied demographics. 

The Caring Clothing team have a solution! Our ‘Nathan’ nightshirt offers opening at the shoulders with VECRO® tucked away out of sight, yet easily accessible for hospital staff and carers. The V-neck design allows for easy access for monitors and IV’s. The open back ensures that anyone can be dressed and undressed with ease, while still ensuring that the back of the body is covered to maintain dignity. The ‘Nathan’ nightshirt is styled for men, though we also have a women’s nightgown for ladies who prefer a softer design. Our ‘Nancy’ Nightie has similar functionality to the men’s night shirt, with a stitched shoulder instead of VELCRO®, this still allows for ease of dressing, comfort and preserved dignity. Our garments are designed to withstand the harsh washing techniques used by hospitals and nursing home facilities. The functional and subtle designs of our adaptive clothing make it appear as standard clothing whilst making dressing easier, especially for those who are sitting in a wheelchair, immobile (less rolling, lifting and repositioning is required) and people with restricted joint movement. Both of our nightwear options are fantastic alternative to standard clothing for those recovering from injury or going through movement rehabilitation.

Our Director, Serena Gove, has had more than 2 decades of hands on experience in the industry - dealing with patients in hospitals as well as varied demographics who experience difficulty dressing. It has been Serena’s direct experiences that led her to create innovative and comfortable designs. Making lasting positive change can be slow, but we at Caring Clothing hope that our designs can help hospitals transition from flimsy gowns to an all round comfortable Caring Clothing alternative.