The Incredible Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise conducted in water to treat a wide spectrum of conditions. These may include but not limited to arthritis, joint pain, pre/post-operational rehab, neurological conditions or general fitness and wellbeing. 

Hydrotherapy is a unique method of physical activity and differs from swimming and aqua aerobics because it involves specific exercises that you do in a warm-water pool (usually 31-35 degrees). While aqua aerobics can be quite strenuous, hydrotherapy is generally more focused on slow, controlled movements and relaxation. 

Benefits of hydrotherapy: 


Benefits of hydrotherapy


Reduces body aches and pains 

The exercises are less strenuous than land-based exercises because the body is submerged in water. When standing waist-deep in water, you’re only supporting 50% of your body weight. Once you’re neck-deep, 90% of your body weight is supported. This means the effect of gravity on your body is reduced and you can often perform exercises that you can’t do on land due to either pain or weakness. It’s a great way to exercise weight-bearing joints such as your lower back, hips, knees and ankles. As a result, it helps with stiffness or limited movement you may have.

Improves blood circulation and immune system

One of the scientific concepts that hydrotherapy is based on is Hydrostatic pressure - the force of the water pressure up against the surface of your body that’s submerged in water. The pressure, in conjunction with the exercises, has a great effect on improving the circulation of blood and lymph around the body to reduce swelling. 

Improves fitness, balance and reduces fall risk 

The water acts as both support and gentle resistance when exercising. As you move through the water, the resistance helps build muscle and improves cardiovascular fitness. The water provides a safe environment to perform exercises that you may be hesitant or fearful of performing on land. 

If you’re looking to increase physical activity in a safe and fun way, and want to experience the many benefits of hydrotherapy, search your local area for accessibility to a hydrotherapy pool. 

*Hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise programs can be funded by your NDIS package under the “Improved Daily Living Skills” and “Improved Health and Wellbeing” categories. 

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