Arthritis clothing

What is Arthritis Clothing and how does it work?

Did you know that for every six people you meet, chances are that at least one of them has arthritis? This equates to roughly 4 million Australians that are affected by arthritis. (Arthritis Australia )

The word ‘arthritis’ is actually more of an umbrella term which is used for more than 100 medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, in particular where two bones meet (joints). A lot of the pain that one feels comes from the inflammation of the joints and wearing down of the cartilage that is supposed to provide cushioning at the joints.

If you have arthritis or know someone that does, then there’s no need to educate you on the type of pain that can be experienced from everyday movements that most people would take for granted. Some of the most fundamental functions of our day such as crouching down, holding onto an object or even getting dressed become a challenge. Everyday activities like these can turn into quite a painful task for many sufferers of arthritis.

So where does Arthritis Clothing come into it?

Arthritis Clothing is specially designed clothing which aims to reduce or alleviate the daily pains caused by activities such as putting on and taking off clothing, performing chores around the home or even being at work.

52,000 people aged 15-64 years are unable to work due to arthritis” – Arthritis Australia

In general, many people that have arthritis will have difficulties when it comes to changing their clothing. These difficulties come from the joints becoming inflamed and painful when the wearer tries to dress in ‘conventional’ clothing. It could be caused from trying to raise the arms in order to pull a shirt over the head or even when trying to manipulate buttons/zippers.

Arthritis Clothing takes into consideration the style and comfortability of conventional clothing whilst at the same time addressing the need to have something which is easy to put on and take off. A lot of research and design time has gone into making these garments, and a large emphasis has been placed on creating an environment for the wearer which is comfortable and as near to pain-free as possible.

How does Arthritis Clothing work?

Depending on the type of arthritis, the location and severity of it will determine the type of clothing options available. Furthermore, depending on the capabilities of the individual, there will be options that will either provide them or their carer with an easier way of changing clothes. Even though our Arthritis Clothing range is aimed at giving the induvial more independence when dressing themselves, the clothing can be selected to provide the carer with an easier means of putting on/taking off the clothing.

Some Arthritis Clothing options include:

  • Fixed button, open back shirts
  • Open back polo shirts
  • Trousers with elasticised waist
  • Shirts/tops with a wider neck opening
  • Lightweight (but warm) V-neck jumpers
  • Side opening shirts and trousers
  • Use of Velcro® to remove the need to fiddle with buttons

If you have arthritis or know someone that does, you can always reach out to our helpful team for more information regarding the types of clothing options available. At Caring Clothing, it’s our passion to help provide our customers with a clothing option that suits their needs. A lot of the time, many people forget just how fortunate they are to have the independence to choose and wear anything they desire. We’re trying to restore this independence to those affected by certain physical disabilities. We believe that everyone is entitled to wear something that is not only comfortable but is also enabling and makes the wearer feel good about themselves.

To get in contact with our team, please try calling on 1300 365 504 or leave us an enquiry here. To see our types of Arthritis Clothing options available, you can use the following link – (insert link to arthritis clothing page).