Why choose Australian Made Incontinence Products

Why Choose Australian Made Adaptive Products

When it comes to selecting the right adaptive clothing or disability-supportive products for those who struggle with incontinence or disabilities, it’s important to consider where the product was manufactured. When choosing Australian-made brands and products, you can benefit in many ways which you may not be aware of. 

Benefits of choosing Australian made adaptive clothing and incontinence products: 

  • Design, Functionality & Quality 

  • The purpose of adaptive clothing is to make dressing easier and enhance the lives of the elderly or those who live with a disability. Caring Clothing continuously strives to improve and expand our range through research and implementing the best possible adaptations for our customers. 

    We listen to ongoing feedback from our customers including individuals, carers and health professionals who are essential in providing invaluable feedback in the improvement and development of new items. 

    Specifically designed to appear as standard clothing, our adaptive clothing range makes dressing easier for both the individual and carers via features such as: 

    • Wide neck openings
    • Open back (overlapping layers of fabric) 
    • Side opening trousers
    • All-in-one dignity suits and onesies
    • VELCRO® and clips replacing buttons and zips.


    1. Stringent Quality Control

    Caring Clothing’s Australian manufactured products undergo stringent quality control. We pride ourselves in offering quality fabrics that are durable, yet comfortable and gentle on the skin. Our reputable designers and manufacturers work closely to ensure the quality of our adaptive clothing range is of a high standard. 

    Examples include: 

    • Meets the measurements of designs 
    • Designed to appear as standard clothing
    • Durable fabric and colours that withstand heat of facility laundries
    • Detailed finishing e.g. no loose threads, stitch style 
    • High packaging standards

    Our range of Incontinence Bedding products are Oeko-Tex accredited which means they’re free from harmful chemicals and materials. You can have full confidence in minimising the risk of allergies and skin irritations. 

    1. Australian Government Support and Funding

    Here in Australia, we’re fortunate to have government support and services to those who are most in need. Many of these services are either completely, or heavily subsidised. If you’re an National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant, you have access to disability-supportive clothing that is fully subsidised. 

    By being completely funded by the Australian Government under “Consumables”, it has never been easier for carers and those with a disability to have access to these garments without worrying about the cost.

    Caring Clothing provides a wide range of NDIS funded clothing for men, women and children:

    For those that are unsure if they, or if someone they know qualifies to be an NDIS participant, you may visit the National Disability Insurance Scheme website HERE.