Reusable Incontinence Aids

Why Reusable Incontinence Aids Are A Smart Choice

Making sure you are always prepared and protected can be a costly task for those who suffer from urine incontinence. With moderate urine incontinence, an average patient will use about two to three disposables every day. 

You may anticipate paying roughly $80 per month if you use more than two disposable incontinence pads every day.

In fact, if you add up those figures over the course of a year, you will get a total of over $1000! 

For a bigger upfront expenditure but long-term cost-effectiveness, reusable incontinence pads can be used instead. Cloth, organic cotton, and hemp are some of the most commonly used washable materials for pads.

Reasons To Use Reusable Incontinence Aids: 


One of the most significant advantages of reusable items is that they may be made in a variety of sizes. Some reusable cloth goods are designed to be both self-sanitizing and quick-drying. With a better fit and hence a better product, higher quality also means increased comfort.


You safeguard your body from materials that may have been treated with herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides if you buy organic. You also don't have to worry about contaminating yourself with harmful chemical residue.


On average, incontinence products are six times more expensive than menstrual pads or infant diapers. Instead of having to wear them only a few days a month, many people with incontinence have to wear them all the time. 

Incontinence sufferers should buy at least six pairs of reusable underwear. Reusable incontinence products often last for 300+ uses. 

In comparison to disposable underwear, reusable incontinence underwear can save you an average of $800 each year. They may also be disinfected fast and easily in your house with just your washer and dryer.

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