Our Story

Adaptive Clothing: Empowering all ages and abilities, elevating comfort, confidence and style.

Our mission is to make dressing easier and enhance the lives of people living with a disability or elderly.

Caring Clothing is an Australian owned company, designing and manufacturing fashionable Adaptive Clothing for people who experience difficulties with dressing. We stock a variety of brands, handpicked to meet the needs of our clients to ensure we provide the best choice.

Caring Clothing’s mission is to make a difference to our community by providing innovative designs through our Adaptive Clothing for people who have loss or limited movement. Our range ensures we support our clients with dressing, footwear and incontinence issues. We provide a solution to dressing through comfortable and functional adaptive clothing, making it easier, safer and more dignified to dress.

Dressing is an integral part of self-expression, independence and dignity and we believe it should not be sacrificed due to movement impairment. Adaptive clothing is designed to make dressing easier regardless of age and disability, benefiting and supporting carers, health professionals, individuals living independently, being cared for at home, residential care, hospital or rehabilitation.

Specifically designed to appear as standard clothing, with carefully designed and discreet features, including adaptions with back, side openings and hooks and clasps, our range includes stylish day wear, comfortable nightwear and footwear.

We are driven to continuously improve and expand our range by researching and implementing the best adaption’s possible for our clients. If you are looking for clothes for people with disabilities, then look no further!

Benefits of Adaptive Clothing:

Dressing is now possible when lying down or sitting in a wheelchair
Adaptions allow for quicker dressing, less rolling, lifting & repositioning, reducing any risk of injury to both carer and wearer
Reduces awkward join movement
Dressing and undressing is made easier whilst operating a lifting machine
All-in-one dignity suits (onesies) reduce the risk of disrobing

Serena Gove - Founder

After working twenty years in the aged and disability industry, and as a Division II Nurse and in the training departments at Alzheimer’s Australia Vic and Leading Aged Services Australia, Serena identified the need to make dressing easier for people with disabilities, aged and community care sector. Having owned adaptive clothing company, Hemmingway and partnering with Caring Clothing Company, Serena founded Caring Clothing in July 2015.

Serena has now passed the reigns to a new team, with nearly 20 years of experience in the aged care and disability sectors.