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Night N Day

NND Boy's Bonds Hipster Incontinence Underwear - SINGLE - Navy - 400ml - Sale

NND Boy's Bonds Hipster Incontinence Underwear - SINGLE - Navy - 400ml - Sale

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Night 'N' Day Boy's Bonds® Hipster Incontinence Underwear has a non-removable sewn-in pad that is waterproof and absorbent. Holds 400mls, recommended for light incontinence and for daytime use only. The hipster-style undies are discreet and look like regular underwear.

These undies are the perfect solution to light incontinence as they are reusable, washable, and can be used countless times (approximately 250 times). They are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, making them a great alternative to disposable products.

Factors to consider:

When it comes to the right product, there are many factors to consider and whether it will work for you as we all vary from person to person. What one person says is light incontinence, might be heavy for someone else.

  • flow rate
  • volume
  • wear time
  • personal preference


SALE ITEM: This product cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty.




    Fabric & Care Instructions


    Machine washable and Tumble-dryer friendly
    However there are some important points to note when washing your products:
    We recommend that any new products are washed at least once prior to first-use. The product’s performance (rate of absorbency) will increase with washing up to the first 5 washes and then their performance will stay at this level until wash 250 - at least!

    For all products:
    • Turn them inside out and wash your products inside out
    • Rinse the soiled garments if required
    • Wash in a diluted sanitising solution - such as a normal laundry detergent - in the washing machine below 70°C (cold or lukewarm water is best). Don't over-do it - less is best!
    • Rinse well
    • Spin Dry
    • If required, tumble dry below 70°C
    • Alternatively, hang dry on a clothesline

    Most importantly:

    Don't worry! Our products are odour neutralising.
    However, if you're experiencing smells or stains we recommend using baking soda along with vinegar to absorb and neutralise any smells or odours and help remove stains:

    Wash the products in a washing machine set on cold or lukewarm water.

    Specifically for washing to remove any smells;
    Do not add laundry detergent for this washing.
    Do not use hot water if trying to remove specific smells or odours.


    The Adaptive Clothing range can assist a wide variety of people. (Click here to learn more)

    • Discreet & functional non-removable continence pad sewn-in to the garment.
    • Quick-absorbing, waterproof continence pad with guaranteed leak-free protection.
    • Machine washable
    • Dryer friendly.
    • 100 % Australian Made

    Return Policy

    Please read Caring Clothing's Returns Policy carefully prior to purchasing. Conditions are outlined in accordance with the rights and remedies you have as a consumer under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).


    How do I place an NDIS order?

    Caring Clothing's adaptive clothing items can be purchased as part of your NDIS Plan if you are Self Managed or Plan Managed.  Our items can be included as part of your consumables if they are deemed "reasonable and necessary" everyday items that is required to assist and manage your individual personal disability related needs.

    The Ordering Process has been made easy for you as you can place an order and you have the option to pay up front or pay on invoice. 

    To Order or request a Quote by placing an order direcctly on our website Follow the below procedure:

    1. Add relevant items to your shopping cart.
    2. Once at checkout, please tick NDIS funded option

    A dropdown menu will appear that will need to be completed. Please complete the participant details. and how it is managed.

    Please identify how you are managed.

    You will need to identify how this order will be paid by choosing one of the options below:

    If you choose Plan Manager, it will prompt you for their email and phone number.

    Please add Delivery Instruction and any comments you wish to be noted.


    Once all these fields have been completed click on ‘Checkout’

    1. Complete the contact and delivery method and address details as below and Click on ‘Continue to Shipping’ 
    2. The next page will confirm your email and Ship to address and Shipping costs. Click on Continue to payment
    3. The next page gives you the payment options. If you’d would like to be Invoiced and the payment method is to upload to NDIS portal or Plan Manager please tick Invoice.
    4. Choose your Billing Address and Complete Order:
    5. A confirmation email of your order will be forwarded to you and your Plan Manager (if relevant).  Your items will be sent out as soon as payment is made:


        Payment made by:


        Timeframe of payment

        Plan Manager

        Caring Clothing will email invoice to appropriate Plan Manager

        Approximately 10 days (depending on Plan Manager)


        Caring Clothing will email the client the invoice for payment

        Up to the discretion of the individual

        Agency/ NDIA Managed It will be your responsibility to get in contact with you agency to organise the Invoice to be paid Once your Agency/ NDIA upload to the portal it is usually paid within 48 Hrs


        If there are any issues, we will contact you directly.

        Please don’t hesitate to contact our Caring Clothing team if you have any queries in relation to items, NDIS or your order on: or 1300 365 504

        To find out whether you are eligible for NDIS Funding, visit: 


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